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This is it, guys! My one and only chance to win $20,000 dollars!

----->,200… <------  voting ends the 15th of February!

If you want to help me win, go to the bottom and vote for It's Toile About You (or the shirt you think has the best design!)

Thank you so much to all who have already voted for me and given me support! I can't thank you all enough :)

If you wan to go the extra mile, you could spread the link around with a suggestion to vote for my shirt.,200…
That would help me tremendously!

Again, thank you all for putting up with me nagging you all about this over and over.
I've never had an opportunity like this in my life, and I'd like to make the most of it! I think if we all band together, we can do it!

Even if I don't win, I've been blessed with more support and kindness than I deserve! So thank you!
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Scroll down and vote for "It's Toile About You" for Besttee of the month! This would be a great help to me.

(OR you can vote for the shirt that you think deserves it the most, if you don't like mine!)

Thank you so much!
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Please Note!

Although I post my art and sketches for all to see on the internet, this does not mean they are free for all to use!

If you want to use my art for something like a personal project or an organization or whatnot, PLEASE please ask me first!
My email is here: emmybindi AT yahoo DOT com
I'm usually happy to lend art to nonprofit organizations and things of that nature, so don't be shy shooting me an email!

If you want to eyeball/reference my art for personal use, I am fine with this as long as you link back to me and explain that you used something of mine as reference.

Under no circumstances do I allow anyone to trace/copy/edit/use my images for personal profit or gain without my explicit permission. If I find out someone is doing this without my permission, I will take legal action if necessary!
This means no teeshirts, no cafepress stores, no mugs, no products whatsoever PLEASE.

For every bajillion wonderful fans I have, theres always a couple stinkers who have no problem abusing the things I post. Don't be a stinker! :)

Thanks for reading
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4 more days left to vote!


It's Toile About You - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

Thank you all so so SO very much for your support so far! :) I'm continually touched and grateful for each and every little boost of support that comes from you guys.
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VOTE FOR JEAN AND AERO</b> (The Balloon Adventure guy and the crow!)

VOTE FOR HAZEL</b> (The Ugly Unicorn toy)

If you would make an account on Patchtogether and vote for either design, I'd be super pleased!
If they get enough votes, they will be turned into purchasable figures (for around 44 dollars each. A bit expensive, I know, but this toymaking service is excellent!)

:) Thank you!

I think the links work now!!
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If you receive a comment from me or anyone else with a link containing "This may be relevant to your interest"
do not click it!

I don't know what the virus does, but it can't be good.

Edit: More information can be found here…

Just tell as many people as possible to not click the link!

Questions about me/my art? F A Q
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Snape Mugs

Mon Nov 10, 2008, 5:31 PM


New mug for sale at the PPP store :)…


Just passing along the word! They're a really pretty emerald green glass.

Questions about me/my art? F A Q
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Please do not

Wed Oct 1, 2008, 2:38 PM
Hi there! Please do not send me notes with your deviations. I have like 5 people who have me on some sort of forwarding list who just send me their newest deviations all the time. Even when I ask nicely to be removed from the list, it doesn't happen.

When you watch someone on Deviant art, you automatically get alerted when they create a new deviation.
People will watch you only if they want to, but forcing them via notes is not cool.

(This does not include fanart, btw. You can feel free to send that!)

Questions about me/my art? F A Q
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Balloon Comic ANIMATED

Mon Aug 4, 2008, 11:08 PM
My friend :icontonikop: Toniko has created a beautiful adaptation of my balloon comic

View the animation here

It's absolutely lovely! Watch it now!!

Questions about me/my art? F A Q
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