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January 9, 2010


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Please Note!

Although I post my art and sketches for all to see on the internet, this does not mean they are free for all to use!

If you want to use my art for something like a personal project or an organization or whatnot, PLEASE please ask me first!
My email is here: emmybindi AT yahoo DOT com
I'm usually happy to lend art to nonprofit organizations and things of that nature, so don't be shy shooting me an email!

If you want to eyeball/reference my art for personal use, I am fine with this as long as you link back to me and explain that you used something of mine as reference.

Under no circumstances do I allow anyone to trace/copy/edit/use my images for personal profit or gain without my explicit permission. If I find out someone is doing this without my permission, I will take legal action if necessary!
This means no teeshirts, no cafepress stores, no mugs, no products whatsoever PLEASE.

For every bajillion wonderful fans I have, theres always a couple stinkers who have no problem abusing the things I post. Don't be a stinker! :)

Thanks for reading
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hibbary Jan 9, 2010  Professional General Artist
pshew, thank goodness. Because I've got some exciting new stock that I think everyone will love --> [link]
Oh snap. I need me one of those STAT.
Mmmm classy....
As tempting as it is to print out your art on an iron-on transfer & make a t-shirt, I'd neva eva do! Art thieves fail!!
FallenUmbrella Jan 9, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, copyright is such a hard thing we have to deal with. Those stinkers just want to take the easy way out.
People like that suck. 8C

I use your art as my desktop background sometimes, I hope that's okay. P:
Desktops are totally fine!
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